Laptop Repair: When Is the Right Time to Repair the Laptop?

It is necessary to service your laptop to keep it running efficiently and prevent it from crashing. An efficient laptop will run more quickly than one in need of a service and it will manage to run more programs at one given moment in time. This guide will make you aware of indicators that inform the user when their laptop needs servicing or repairing.


You will need to service your laptop and probably replace the screen of the laptop, if blank pixels start to appear on the screen. A blank pixel will look like a tiny dot on the screen, if there are several blank pixels then it will be a blank area on the screen. This can be caused by pushing the screen, carrying your laptop by the screen or resting / dropping something of a reasonable weight on the screen.


Another indicator that your need to service your laptop is when the keys stop working, this could be due to something being stuck under the key or that the pad under the key is no longer sensing that the key is being pressed. Alternatively, if your keys have started to come off then this will make it difficult to type and it would be worth getting these keys replaced.


A laptop contains two different types of memory, one type is RAM and this is the memory that is used if you save a file. The other type of memory is ROM and this is the memory that is used to run applications for example when you are typing a letter, it is temporarily saved on your screen until you turn your laptop off. If your laptop is starting to run slow this will indicate not enough ROM and if you are low on space to save your documents then you are low on RAM. When your service your laptop, you can add more of these for a faster running laptop.


One of the common things to go wrong with a laptop nowadays is the inbuilt wireless adapter stops working; this will require your laptop to be serviced in order to fix it. Alternatively, you can use an external wireless adapter, which is a small device similar to a memory stick in appearance but it allows your laptop to connect to the router. If you do service your laptop, the technicians are likely to replace the internal wireless adapter rather than fix it as this would be cheaper.

Resource Box: While there are several factors that could indicate you need to service your laptop, only a qualified computer technician can tell you when it needs repairing.

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